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RockTape RockPods XL


RockPods XL- The revolution in large cupping

The new RockPods XL are cupping heads made of medically suitable silicone that are suitable for medical professional use as well as for use in sports, beauty and wellness. Compared to the normal RockPods, the XL are even larger to specifically work on larger areas of the body.

The magic word here is negative pressure. The negative pressure generated by the RockPods lifts the skin and fascial layers, thus creating more space in the tissue, which enables the individual layers to slide better.

In addition, the RockPods XL generate a neural stimulus that can increase the perception of the body part.

Your advantages:

  • Each RockPod XL can be used in two different intensities (medium and strong).
  • The use of RockRub or massage oils allows an even stronger adhesion to the skin.
  • Due to the two different sizes of the Pods XL, large areas of the body can best be worked on (back, thighs, buttocks)
  • RockPods XL are particularly suitable for combining with active movements.

Whether in the practice, in the gym or while traveling, RockPods XL are the perfect companion for your regeneration and mobility.

Also take a look at our RockPods training under Education.

Product Details

  • Made of 100% food grade silicone
  • One piece design
  • 3 red pods - 75 mm
  • 3 black pods - 85 mm
  • Stable EVA transport bag with zip fastener